Pine Cone Throat: Vox

The Stanley Knife: Guitar

Wombat: Bass

Cane Train: Drums

…and a few other cunts




BUSHFIRE (EP) – 2015


Dead Kelly was formed when one little bloke called Pine Cone Throat decided to write some metal after having played for years in bands with different styles. It was decided that Dead Kelly would be a social media experiment to see how much exposure you could get without playing shows or even being a ‘real band’ per se. So, after uploading some songs and a few videos to the web, the feedback Dead Kelly received was nothing short of insane.

After various members came and went, The Stanley Knife was recruited on guitar during 2012. The songs ‘In the Shame of God’ and ‘The King is Dead’ were demoed and it was clear that Dead Kelly was stepping into the next level of extreme metal.

It was the inspiration needed to produce our debut album SONS OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS, released on Australia Day 2014. The album received wide critical acclaim and was deemed to be the “Aussie metal album of the decade” by Triple J.

After a short break after the release of SOTC, we got straight back into the studio and delivered the BUSHFIRE EP on Australia Day 2015. The EP includes a cover of Goanna’s iconic song ‘Solid Rock’, and gave birth to the infamous hit ‘The Legend of Borry – Part 1’.

Throughout the rest of 2015 we began the process of writing new songs that would end up on AUSTRALIAN MADE. The first song written for that album was ‘Slave to the Crystal Pipe’, and it marked a new evolution in Dead Kelly’s musical style. We decided to ditch the low tuned guitars and ran with a standard 6 string guitar and 4 string bass tuned to good old fashioned drop D. AUSTRALIAN MADE contains our heaviest songs to date.

During 2016, we decided to create an animated film clip for ‘The Legend of Borry – Part 1’. We released it on youtube initially, then on facebook where it went viral. It reached over a million people in 2 days before it was pulled off the social media site. A few months later we released the animated video for ‘The Legend of Borry – Part 2’ and it’s been a popular hit with many.

AUSTRALIAN MADE was released on Australia Day 2017, and shot up to the number 2 place for the top metal albums in the world on Apple iTunes. All this considering it’s available on this website for FREE! It has been stated by Triple J’s Lochlan Watt from The Racket program to be “the most Aussie metal album of all time” with “the Straya dials turned up well beyond 11”.

Since the release of AUSTRALIAN MADE, we got busy in the studio writing and recording the material for our 3rd full length album SUCH IS LIFE. We suffered a serious setback in August of 2018 where The Stanley Knife injured his left index finger in a spray gun accident that resulted in a complete amputation of the finger. After a long recovery period of relearning and adapting to playing guitar, we got straight back into the studio mid 2019 and finished the album. It was decided that we would release it on October 19th 2019. The album contains already released songs such as Put ‘Em Up Cunt, Butchered With A Boomerang, Black Dog and The Legend of Borry – Part 3. Part 4 in the Borry series was released in the week leading up to the album release. The album went straight to the number one position on the Apple Music Metal Charts.